My work as a life coach is about looking for solutions, not focusing on problems.

I will enable you to find the wisdom and resources that you have inside, and I will help you to change the things you’re unhappy with in your life.

  • stress
  • fears and phobias
  • lack of confidence
  • problems with food and eating
  • relationship problems
  • career frustrations
  • health

Each client and each problem requires a particular approach.
A shift in perspective may be all it takes to remove the pain from a situation. Or you might want to take a new course of action and need help making the move.

Or else you might want to find a better understanding of your own feelings and behaviours in order to have more control over your life.




                 young self


             Three things I can promise:

             I won’t give you a hard time.
             I won’t make you dredge up the past.
             I will always help you feel better. 


             david-john newman