how it works



I am based in St Brides, between Cardiff and Newport, and I usually see people one-to-one at home in my studio. I also travel to meet clients in their home or office in other areas of Wales, the South West and London.

How long
Each session lasts about an hour. This seems to be the right amount of time, but if you want the session to be longer then it’s not a problem.

There is no fixed pattern as to how a session works. There may be whole areas of your life that you choose not to share with me, and that’s fine. We may go into emotional situations in a lot of depth, or we may simply use practical strategies for change.

Sometimes you won’t be aware of how much change has taken place until a little later, and sometimes you’ll have a sense of enlightenment while we’re together.

Each hour costs £50. The number of sessions is decided between us – either during the initial session or from week to week.

Another option
I am affiliated with BUPA which operates an Employee Assistance Programme. If you’re employed by a large company you might find that you’re eligible for a number of free sessions.


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